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  • Gameplay: Arrow keys or WASD - Move character
  • Mouse - Aim
  • Left mouse (click or hold) - Shoot

Class Select:

  • Up/Down arrow keys or W and S - Select class
  • Space - Use class, and begin


  • Space - Next


Conflicted Descent is a two player hotseat top down shooter, where players take it in turns to control a unit and attempt to kill the enemy Original (white characters), within the enemy spawning point. Once a player has completed their turn, the game will store the character's actions. An AI controlled character will replicate these actions in all future turns. Should a unit under player control die, a ghost version will continue to exist, and be controlled by the player, meaning the player can give the unit more commands to follow, should it be saved in later rounds.

Players get a choice of two possible units, a machine gun unit, and a riot shield unit. Machine guns are the only offensive unit. They are effective at all ranges, but their accuracy drops off with distance. They have low health. Riot shield units are the only other controlable unit. They have double a machine gun's health, the samemovement speed, and take no damage from bullets hitting them in the shield. Originals are the only non controlable unit. Each player has one, and it starts in the spawn. The objective of the game is to defeat the enemy's original without your own dying.

Bear in mind that while ammo is unlimited, and reloading is not needed, friendly fire is active. Watch your fire.

A player is considered to have won the round if the enemy's original is not alive at the end of a round, but the player's original does. The winner is the first player to have two consecutive victories. A round begins and ends with the character selection screen. Each round lasts 10 seconds.

Game, art, and music by Ben Wells

Font by dafont.com