A downloadable game for Windows

So Ludum Dare's theme was "Entire Game in one Screen". I figured "Entire Game in one Scream" was an apt compromise.

Necromancers are beings whose powers over the living and the dead hold almost no limits. In fact, the only real limit is that they can only cast one spell a day.

Meet Lilith. She found a loophole. She just casts very long spells after taking a very deep breath.

Inhale deeply, enthrall the populace, challenge authority, and find out if you're a bad enough dudette to kill President Derek.

-WASD/Arrow keys to move
-Left click to fire
-Space to breathe
-Esc to quit
-F4 to fullscreen
-F9 to screenshot

Finished 6th overall, 7th in fun, 9th in audio for Ludum Dare 31, in spite of having a part about mashing the space button.


DeepBreath.exe 9 MB